The Merits of Western Civilisation, by Wolfgang Kasper

by Institute of Public Affairs on November 18, 2011

The Institute of Public Affairs and Mannkal Economic Education Foundation are excited to present The Merits of Western Civilisation: An Introduction by Wolfgang Kasper. Professor Kasper’s work is the second in Monographs of Western Civilisation series.

What is Western Civilisation, and why does it matter? In The Merits of Western Civilisation: An Introduction, Professor Wolfgang Kasper examines the origins and meanings of Western Civilisation.

Kasper takes readers through the most important thinkers of the Western Civilisation tradition, and emphasises the importance of the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece and the role played by Christianity in the development of the West.

The Merits of Western Civilisation is a provocative and informing overview of Western Civilisation and its future, both for Australia and the world.

To obtain a copy of this exciting monograph, contact Rachel Leigh at the Institute of Public Affairs on 03 9600 4744 or at [email protected].

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